Hello, and welcome to AbsoluteEden.com, home of the Official Eden Riegel Fan Club!  This has been a looong time coming, and that’s my own damn fault.  (I tend to be, how do you say?... lazy?)  But I’m also a very grateful lady, and finally gratitude won out over laziness!  For awhile now, I’ve wanted to do something that would include all my fans, and that could finally, I hope, be a proper “Thank You!” for all your years of support.

Many of you have already met and conversed with one another, maybe even formed lasting friendships, on the Riegel Rebels board, or a board dedicated to your favorite of Bianca’s relationships (with Frankie, Lena, Maggie, Zarf/Zoe, or Reese - Ok, so I admit there’s no board dedicated to Zoe and Bianca.)  If you’ve never been on an Eden Riegel/Bianca board, that’s cool - newcomers are welcome here, too. 

My hope is that this will be a place for me to interact with people from all the intersecting fan bases that include, well, moi!  BAMmers, Breesaholics, Liancalites, even you folks who are saying to yourself, “Eden who?!”  (It just so happens this fan club launch coincides with my new role on The Young and the Restless, so, trust me, there’s a lot of people in TV Land right now saying just that). 

Phyl, Melissa, Mary Beth, Donna and Debbie have some really cool stuff cooked up for us.  This site is chock full of information and photos, and, throughout the year, we’ll be posting all kinds of neat extras and activities for you.

This should be a lot of fun!  I’m thrilled that you decided to join us here on Absolute Eden.com, and I hope you find your stay here friendly and fun.  Thank you so much!!!

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